Struggling With a Past Abortion?

Whether you are troubled by regrettable decisions, sexual transgression, an abortion experience or any pregnancy loss, we are ready to walk alongside our clients, offering hope, healing and reconciliation.


Post-Abortion Stress, a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is an unhealthy emotional reaction experienced by individuals who have been involved in a situation where an abortion took place. It includes an inability to express feelings surrounding the pregnancy and abortion, as well as the inability to resolve the loss and come to a place of inner peace.


Offered to both women and men and led by trained peer-counselors, our After Abortion Care Program provides the opportunity to work through the recovery process. Our desire is to help our clients grieve, while forgiving others and themselves.


To find out if you are dealing with post abortion stress, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do I struggle to ‘turn off’ the feelings connected to my abortion, telling myself to forget about it?
  • Do I avoid the subject of abortion in public conversation or in the media?
  • Am I uncomfortable around babies or pregnant women?
  • Do I feel depressed around the time the abortion took place or on the due date?
  • Am I resentful toward others involved in my abortion? (father of baby, parents, doctor, etc.)
  • Do I have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships?
  • Has my use of drugs/alcohol increased significantly since the abortion?
  • Have I developed prolonged depression or suicidal thoughts?
  • Do I have repeated dreams of babies who are crying/in distress or nightmares?
  • Have I suffered from flashbacks to the abortion or panic/anxiety attacks?
  • Do I feel a vague emptiness or deep sense of loss?
  • Am I able to talk about my abortion without being overcome by sorrow, anger or guilt?
  • Do I have eating/sleeping problems?
  • Do I see my life as ‘before’ and ‘after’ the abortion? Do I view myself differently?
  • Do my memories of the abortion seem more painful than the actual experience?


We can help. Our support is offered either individually or in a group setting. All of our services are free and confidential, so make your appointment today.